About the show - An Incident at the Border

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The cast and director talk about An Incident at the Border

Official trailer starring David Gurney as Reiver 

Production information

An Incident at the Border by Kieran Lynn

Venue: South Street Arts Centre, Reading

Dates: 21 & 22, 28 & 29 April 2015


Director: Lauren Donoghue


Reiver - David Gurney

Olivia  - Emma-Louise White

Arthur - Peter Higham

On an ordinary day in the park, a couple finds themselves caught up in an escalating nightmare when the border of their country is redrawn and they are stuck on opposite sides.


With mounting resistance from freshly minted border- guard Reiver, Arthur and Olivia begin to question their principles, their government, and their commitment to each other. 


A play that is both thought-provoking and absurd, An Incident at the Border is a quick-witted exploration of how a little apathy, a little ignorance, and a government where no one is ever really held accountable can lead to dire consequences for the everyday folk just trying to go about their lives.