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How We Live Now

(an evening of comedy on a nebulous theme)

How We Live Now: An Evening of Comedy on a Nebulous Theme fearlessly tackles head-on the great issues of our time, including the struggle of unemployment, the difficulty of real human connection, and of course the inevitable social media apocalypse. 


Comprising eleven short comedic plays, How We Live Now has something for everyone, provided that "everyone" has a twisted sense of humour and agrees that the "Keep Calm and..." meme needed to die yesterday.

Colour of Fruit are very excited to be working for the first time with Iguana Bar to stage this production.


A true staple of Reading night life, Iguana has been through many reincarnations in its lifetime, and we are truly grateful that they will now be adding another string to their bow and opening their doors to the theatre!


We love a pub theatre, one of the U.K.'s finest traditions that seems to slowly be making an appearance in Reading, and we just know that the cosy and relaxed atmosphere at Iguana will make for a fun and intimate venue for our company, and hopefully in the future many others. 

Brandon M. Crose’s short plays have appeared at various theatre festivals all over the world. Most notably, his social media comedy Going Viral, which is featured in tonight's show, was awarded “best play” at the 2014 Long Island City One Act Festival and appeared in the finals for both Short+Sweet Queensland and Hobart. Brandon holds degrees from Emerson College and Trinity College, Dublin, is the author of several nonfiction books, and can be found lurking online at

Tickets for How We Live Now are now on sale! 


In finding a vendor for our ticket sales we attempted to find a way to sell you tickets without any kind of booking fee. Unfortunately in order to allow you to pay online, a transaction fee is a necessity. There is a fifty pence transaction fee added to the price of each ticket, which is probably the lowest booking fee that you will find anywhere on the internet. We hope that you won't find this too offensive.




Keep coming back for cast updates, production shots, behind the scenes and more!

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