About the show - Shakey P

The Stories of Shakey P

by Charlie Dupré


Brighton, October 2013

Classical playwriting and hip hop meet in an electrifying lyrical brew, as the Bard is re-imagined as a playground battle rapper!


Featuring a journey through Richard III's therapy session, the Weird Sisters' account of their dealing with Macbeth, and a psychotic look into Hamlet's internal world, Charlie uses rap and rhythm to retell some of the best known works with a riveting contemporary slant.


Featuring Oliver Willems & Oktawia Petronella on strings.


'A feat of linguistic acrobatics…the best English lesson you never had!' The Scotsman

'Rip-roaring entertainment!' Broadway Baby

'The essence of the fringe' Fringe Guru

Check out the video for OT here or watch on YouTube


'OT' is a rap retelling of Shakespeare's 'Othello', in a letter format that echoes that of Eminem's 'Stan'. The idea is to illustrate how Shakespeare's stories are just as relevant to us as those told my modern hip-hop artists. Both Othello and Stan are tragic heroes in the classical sense, as both bring about their own destruction with an obsession that drives them to madness and murder, followed swiftly by suicide. These parallels serve to repackage Shakespeare for a modern audience by making him more accessible to those put off by the difficulty of the language.